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There’s an app for everything these days. But not every app is right for your business. We can help you spend your tech budget wisely.

Tracking your sleep? Finding a lover? Payroll on the go? There’s not just one, but multiple apps for that. WorkflowMax. Unleashed. Xero. iPayroll. Cognito. ApprovalMax. At No Fuss Business, we’ve created a foolproof process to sort through the options and find the software that’s really worth your money. And no, we don’t need an app for that. We can have a coffee and hatch a plan together — human to human.

What’s this magical process? Read on.

  1. Stage 1: Project Scope

    To commence any project we undertake a scoping session where we define what you want to achieve, who is involved, outcomes required, expected budget, the business case and any issues and risks for the project.

  2. Stage 2: Product Selection and Costing

    Following the scoping session we can provide options on the apps that best suit your needs and business case. Along with this we provide a high level plan and costing for implementation.

  3. Stage 3: Project Implementation

    Following signoff we prepare a final project plan including trials, testing, training, documentation, support or whatever else may be need to implement and support the selected app(s).

  4. Stage 4: Review and Support

    Following implementation we will review the project to ensure we met the original objectives, budget and outcomes. We then provide ongoing support and follow up training as your team becomes experienced and familiar with the new tools.

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