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Wish your accountant was less pen-pusher and more super-hero? Well… here we are! Ready to free you from small business worries and help you breathe again.

Running a small business can be madness. You do it for the freedom. The big ideas. But one day you wake up and find yourself face to face with a monster that chews up your cashflow and scorches your energy until your mind’s gone to mush.

We hear you. We’ve been there. That’s why we made it our mission to pull small business owners out from under the pile of paperwork. Alive. You know where you belong: on top.

Welcome to No Fuss Business. Where we love all the stuff you’d rather not fuss about. Invoices. Cashflow forecasts. Keeping books tidy, bills paid and beans counted.

Did we mention we’re more than accountants?

We offer a whole goody box of services and expertise. Whether you need a strategy, better-oiled operations or simply another human who totally gets this journey and can coach you along — we pair our people power (plus some external partners) with Xero and some genius cloud technology to make it happen. Break bureaucracy’s hairy grip and regain your headspace for success — fast. With No Fuss.

Our team






Our Values



Be accountable for getting s#!t done, accurately and efficiently


No Fuss

Just the fix, none of the fuss, we’re approachable and we like to keep it simple



Building loyal and sustainable partnerships & communities



Personal but professional, life’s too short - enjoy what you are doing



We are adaptable and innovative, and ask a whole lot of questions to get to the bottom of what you really need